Article #57!


Batman: The Animated Series Had Some Goofy Animators


Wait a minute, someone actually submitted something?


Going with something a little different for this update. Believe it or not someone out there actually sent me a legitimate contribution and not just unsolicited spam (how many Nigerian princes are actually out there and why do they keep e-mailing me?). So, without further ado, I’ll hand things over to our friend from the Ukraine, Artyom…





I like your Comic Book Tid Bits site very much, and I'd like to contribute.


Included are a few screenshots from Batman: The Animated Series. The ARSE was discovered first, so I'll start with it.




There are depicted: a barely visible black ninja, Japanese city rooftops. Ah, I almost forgot about large sign which certainly reads "ARSE". (Batman: The Animated Series “Day of the Samurai” 10:49).


(Note from CBTB: I know you can buy some pretty weird stuff in Japan (by Western standards anyway), I just didn’t realize they advertised it too)


The “fuckland” raft (next image) most certainly belongs to the owner of this hotel, because I can't find any other explanation for such a coincidence...




(Note from CBTB: Kids, you’ve got to be 18 or over to go on that cruise!)


Ah, wait; it's actually The Auckland boat! How could I confuse these two totally different words! This must be some evil plot of a Penguin to totally confuse batman and make him commit suicide! (Batman: The Animated Series “The Mechanic” 3:23)




Sorry for my bad English, I'm from Ukraine.


                                     -Best Wishes,





Thanks for the submission Artyom, and no worries about your English. Trust me when I say my Ukranian is way, way worse than your English.


You’ve got a good eye – I remember seeing those episodes when they first came out and never spotted anything like that. It’s funny how artists in various media manage to slip these things past the censors/bosses now and again – it sure makes things a lot more interesting.


Well folks, that’s all for now, until next time…