Well, as today’s entry put it, when you think of buildings, you think of cubes, and here’s something no cube fan should be without.  I know I always hated it when my Rubik’s cube got jammed due to my excessive twisting and pulling and getting my blood, sweat and tears entering every crevice.


Man I hated that stupid cube.  I had to use a screw driver to take apart the damned thing and then put it back together right.


You know what’s scarey about Cube Lube?  It cost $2 in 1982.  For 1 ounce.  A comic book cost you, what?, 40 cents.  A loaf of bread was a quarter.  A tube of lube for a frustrating cube cost more than the cube itself!  Mind-boggling indeed.  Of course, there were always other uses for the lube…