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This page shows the currently featured bizarre advert, and includes yellow underlined text hyperlinks to every ad ever posted on this site below it.


Sometimes just as memorable as the comics themselves, are the advertisements within.  From the incalculable uses of Hostess snack cakes in crimefighting, to bizarre T-Shirts and snug tidy whities, you could find it in the comics.






From Daredevil #29 comes one of the coolest ads I've ever come across. Seriously, look at that thing, it's creepier than anything else going on in the book it's in - and yet also quite charming.  Sort of like My Pet Monster.  If I had $1.25 back then I'd have bought it - probably being seriously disappointed by whatever I got in the mail.  The quotation marks around the word "talk" isn't a good sign. It could just turn out to be a farting whoopee cushion with a monster picture on it, but I do wonder what the "special design instrument" is - that sounds ominous.


Want to check out more Adverse Ads?  Just scroll down and click on the links!


ADVERSE ADS ARCHIVES (in no particular order, click on the yellow text below to see the entry)


Beware the "Talking" Monster from Outer Space!


One of the Goofiest and Creepiest Captain America ads you'll ever see!


BEM shows up!!! The lamest superhero origin ever!


Magnets make good eating!


Folks loved their Wrestling – even in the 1950s – and why not when wrestlers could build you a custom kitchen and bar!


Ever wondered where grade school teachers get their egg hatching equipment? Wonder no more!


See the world’s smallest tool and the only glove that can hold it!


Captain Marvel Meets the Twinkie Master!


The most frustrating Godzilla Christmas Ornament ever!


Easter Eggs the Easy Way


This Naruto toy really is a gas!!!


Duke the Dog is not just into action, but SUPER ACTION!!!


Hunting is for the birds!


Two ads for the price of one! TV hypnosis and Muscles? the Charles Atlas way!


This Duraclean campaign leads with their best side!


Teach your kids how to drive with the wonderful Classy Car Crashers!


Nothing says sexy like wearing those swim-proof lips!


Be taller NOW!


Betty (of Archie fame) shills Psychodelic stuff.


I love my HULK belt!  It says HULK, has a HULK card and…that’s about it.


Green Arrow unveils the dreaded FRUIT PIE ARROW!!!


How to write crappy paragraphs and make money?  Count me in!!!


Having trouble with the ladies?  Try the HYPNOTIC CURE ALL!!!


Order Superman’s death for $2.50 (plus $1 postage) with Kryptonite rocks!!!




Tired of your dead end job?  Then pick up a comic and enter the field of LAW ENFORCEMENT!!!


Finally become the envy of all peeping Toms by getting the Spy All!!


My Hair!  My Beautiful Hair!!!  Curse you lousy, stinking bacteria!!!!


Ever want your own Van Dyke?


Ever wonder how you’d look with 32 different hairstyles?  Me neither.


Don’t know how to tell her how you feel? Say it with Zolatron!


Saturday Mornings will never be the same after this ad!!


Meet the Chia Pets that NASA Endorses!!


GI Joe meets the Six Million Dollar Atomic Knock Off!!


Crush your enemies with your own 7 Foot Tall Robot!!


Cure Nail Biting and get Married!!


Meet the Mighty Jet-Boy!!


Mow them down with your very own Bike Machine Gun!


Hey Guys! Ready for your own hands of steel?


The Mummy Lives! – for Spirograph?


Ever dreamed of building your own hovercraft?  Yeah, me neither.


Click here and become one with advertising goals!


Need some high performance head? Click here!


Crispy critters delivered right to your door!  Only $2.98!!!


Sally learns to play with Tommy’s Tricky Willie!?!


Spidey’s Aunt May has been kidnapped… for Twinkies!?!


T-Shirts, get your bizarre Crumbly T-Shirts here!!!


Batman Loves Twinkies!


Tired of that incessant stickiness? Try some lube for that cube!


Anyone for some monkey flavored Capri-Sun?


And for the men, meet the New New Commander!!!


Thin wasn’t always in! Wate-on sister, Wate-on!!!


Tommy and Sally learn the joys of Nuclear Submarine War!!!


And what’s a Nuclear Sub without a Computer Brain!!!


And the most dreaded of weapons – THE ACCORDIAN!!!


The Moon Blob is coming! – Run!  Run for your lives!!!


Oval Callout: A-one!


“Remember kids, no matter how much life gets you down,

just keep on dancing!  Hooray!” – Mr. Zodiac