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Keeping with a theme, here’s an ad from Superman #284 that promises the plans to build your own 7 foot tall robot!  Just think, you could turn the fantasy of the Doctor Fate story you just read in today’s Latest News into a chilling reality!  And all for a measly $1!


Here’s the ingredients required – scrap metal, 18x24 inch blueprint, a human being to operate the robot from inside… wait a second!  Hold on here!  What kind of crappy robot is this?  The robot isn’t walking or carrying things, YOU ARE!  A metal suit you wear is NOT a robot, it’s a freaking costume!


So let’s review.  For $1 you get the plans to build your own metal coffin – I mean robot costume – I mean robot.  You know, eBay sells tons of stuff each day, but I bet no one is selling blueprints for scrap robots.  There’s a niche market for you, if you’re interested.