From Wonder Woman #170 (and other comics of that era, I'm sure) comes the lamest superhero origin story ever. As the title proudly proclaims BEM simply "shows up!" That's it. He just merges together out of 3 other people. At least that's what I think happened. For all I know it could be that BEM just arrives at the dance and promptly kicks the shit out of the other 3 guys who harassed that poor girl. At least that would explain why she's so enamored with him in such a short span of time.


This Public Service Announcement (or PSA) is just plain bizarre in that I'm not really sure what point it's trying to get across. Try to be a well rounded person at the dance and you'll get the girl, I guess? Except in high-school, when does that ever work out? Don't hormone addled teens naturally go after the archetypes - the bad boy, the jock, the rebel, the goth-kid, the boy band, etc? In terms of BEM's superpowers, according to the last panel it seems to be the ability to bend his leg in bizarre angles without pain and to play music out of his shoulder - I think. Cool, I guess?


I guess this ad can simply be summed up in one way, "it's a product of another time."