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From Shogun Warriors #4 (yes, I own a copy of Shogun Warriors #4 – jealous? – no, I didn’t think so) comes the ad every comic book reader dreams of, a chance to join local law enforcement!  Amazing!  Do you think anyone, anywhere, reading a comic book actually sent in the coupon?  What’s scary is what if someone did send in the coupon, went through the entire program, and now patrols our streets!  Imagine, that officer that pulled you over could have just finished a mail order course on policing from a comic book!  Ask them if they have a copy of Shogun Warriors #4 next time you’re pulled over, it may save you a ticket!  See, sometimes the site can provide you useful information.


The biggest laugher for this ad, the disclaimer at the bottom of the page stating “Because this is a new course, we don’t know what, IF ANY, jobs will be available to our graduates.”  So, you could go through this entire program and end up the way you started out, except much poorer!  It’s also interesting that they ask your age in the coupon.  What do they care if you’re 8 or 80, so long as you sign up and pay for the darned course.  Maybe they have large type book for seniors, or they send you samples of narcotics as part of your education if you’re old enough?  Hmm, maybe it’s my kind of program after all…