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From Two Gun Kid #125 itís an amusing little Hostess Twinkies ad featuring Captain Marvel and his arch-enemy Nitro. The same Nitro whose power is to explode Ė and once he blew up real good and caused Captain Marvel to contract cancer which eventually killed the good Captain in the 1980s. Okay, now the ad isnít as amusing.


Iím sorry, but how does coming in contact with a villain who spontaneously explodes give someone cancer? Is Nitro also radioactive? If so, are his henchmen complete idiots? Presuming their suits protect from radiation, why do they have zero face shielding? Okay, never mind, they have to be idiots to follow a boss who ditches his world destroying plan for a supply of Twinkies.

You know, Captain Marvel could have saved himself right here if he just CAPTURED NITRO AND HIS GANG INSTEAD OF LEAVING THEM UNATTENDED!!! He could have brought a mountain down on them but no, he just flies off to destroy Nitroís base. Why didnít the guys Captain Marvel is working with just send the army to blow up the base while the Captain takes down Nitro?


Sigh. If only Captain Marvel had a Twinkie on him during that fateful battle with Nitro Ė heíd still be with us today.


Ah well, at least I learned one useful thing from this adÖ