From Ghost Rider #10 comes an adthat is ridiculously amazing!Iívegone over it, well, most of it, well, I skimmed some of it and I canít really figure out what Duraclean does.Seems like youíd be their roving repairman or carpet cleaner or something.I donít know because itís not really clear, except for the fact that you have Ď7 superior servicesí.Superior to what, exactly?Superior to the job the homeless guys do with their squeegees when my carís stalled on a red light?Superior to the job a 4 year old would do?Superior as in Lake Superior?


While thatís all really interesting, what really caught my eye was that in this true story by Bob Ferrel, Bob doesnít bother to show you his face!Heís actually facing AWAY from you in the photo!Think about it, your company just spent a wad of money on a full-page ad and the photo you decide to use is basically of someone pointing where the nearest bathroom is located!Why not show us Bobís face?Would he be recognized as a national scam artist out on bail or something?Is he constantly crying because his Duraclean job is driving him to an early grave, what with all the chemical fumes and extra hours?


I wonder how successful this ad campaign was?Could you imagine this technique being applied in other walks of life, like politics?Would Obama have won the Presidency if, before starting his speeches, heíd just turn his back to the audience?I know I always respect and admire folks who turn their back to me, but then again I have low self esteem.


Remarkably, Duraclean is still a thriving business, 36 years after this ad campaign.A quick perusal of their website failed to find anyone with their back turned away.Guess theyíve learned from their mistake.