What, you thought I was kidding or something?


SG9 001crop.jpg


From Shogun Warriors #9 (yes, I own a copy of Shogun Warriors #9 as well as #4 Ė jealous? Ė no, I didnít think so) comes the ad that could very well save your life!Doubt me?How can you doubt me after having read the harrowing tale of survival that our two plucky young space cadets went through?For shame!And these arenít any old walky-talkies, no sir!These are Chiquita Banana communication devices!Imagine, now you wonít look like a complete doofus when you talk to your banana in public!No longer will you look like a fool when you stare at your banana to get directions!Now you can show off your banana with pride in public!What a relief!


I donít know about you, if I had $14 bucks to spend in 1978 (which is like $50 nowadays), Iíd buy these awesome items!And can you imagine how much theyíd be if you didnít get the Chiquita Banana discount for sending in 3 stickers?I shudder at the thought!