tgk125 001.jpgFrom Two-Gun Kid #125 comes an awesome comic book ad introducing the Amazing Atomic Man!Yes, it is the very first appearance of the Six Million Dollar Man knock-off!See, when something is really popular, there are bound to be knock-offs, and this is so obvious, even I noticed!Now thatís saying something!


Interestingly, Mike Power (didnít Homer Simpson change his name to Mike Power once?) has the use of incredible atomic parts and what does he decide to do Ė why join GI Joe of course!He could make millions of dollars on his patents, but nah, why do that when you can go on kinky adventures with the GI Joe adventure team?Guess the lure is impossible to resist, what with the 3 Musketeers rally call and all.


Finally, after a series of tests, the GI Joe state-of-the-art 1975 computer system accepts Mike Power into the unit.So letís go over the criteria Mike had to pass to get into the club:


1)   Run near 200 miles per hour!

2)   Lift over 10,000 pounds!

3)   Look THROUGH 6 feet of solid steel!


Somehow I doubt Joe and the other members of the adventure club (is that Shaft and Norman Bates?) had to go through the same test.Guess theyíre biased against atomic cyborgs or something.


One final note.Iím not up on 1975 medical knowledge, but being an Atomic Man, doesnít that imply radiation?I mean, Mikeís in a containment suit in one panel for peat sake!His body parts keep glowing throughout the story!Heck, everyone even touches his glowing arm in the last panel!What are they, morons?Didnít this highly trained, special mission force have Geiger counters back then?


If thatís not bad enough, they just accept this complete stranger into their midst when heís clearly lying.Look, he built an atomic arm to replace his disabled right arm Ė but wait!Look at the panels where heís building his new body parts!Heís using both arms and hands perfectly well!!!


Holy Crap!!!No wonder they started up a new GI Joe team in the 1980s to combat CobraÖ the 70s team didnít make it! Just as well, Cobra Commander would have had a field day with this bunch!