Not really an ad, but interesting nonetheless. Anyone who follows this site will realize (eventually) that I’m a fan of Godzilla. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I got one of these nifty little ornaments by American Greetings for the holidays. As you can see by the package, it’s one of those collectible ornaments with light and sound effects. Being an eager imp, I opened it up and then read the instructions on how to activate the effects…




Okay, seems simple enough. Just “Press button under water to hear Godzilla sound effects.” And there the adventure began. So, after a half-hour of effort, here’s the various points of water pressed to try and activate Big G…




Much cursing ensued. Helpful hints included putting the ornament UNDER WATER then maybe it would turn on!


So, after much pain and suffering, desperation set in, and eventually, EVENTUALLY, the secreted button was found and Godzilla came to life!


Would you like to see where “under water” you had to press to get Godzilla to roar?


Then just scroll on down.


Remember, you had to press a button under water to turn it on.


Okay, here you go…




Yes, it’s one of Godzilla’s fins, remarkably not under water. I think Godzilla can sum up my feelings on that best with the image below…