ph40 001.jpg


From Patsy and Hedy #40 is this lovely ad for, and I kid you not, hair style cut-outs!  Did women actually shell out $1 for these things back in the 1950s?  To put that in perspective, that’s like 10 bottles of Coke, or 10 comic books.  How much are 10 normal comics nowadays, about $30?  So, once you decide what you want done to your head, you then take the cut-out to your stylist and shell out another small fortune HOPING he or she gets it just right.


Somehow I doubt anyone was thrilled when these things arrived on their front door.  Plus, if you are adamant that the cut-outs are in “beautiful vivid color” then maybe you should have splurged on the extra money for a color advertisement.  You know color magazines, especially comic books, were all the rage back then.


On a final note, is it just me, or does the model look better in the before photo?


Just sayin’…