cubesf187cropSuperman Family #187 features an ad that could turn you, yes YOU, into a Man of Steel – in your hands anyway.  I guess that’s good, being able to crush plasticine toy guns like in that picture there.  A fun trick at parties I suppose…


You’ve got to love the guarantee – it’s guaranteed to be superior to any other course or gadget on the market.  To make hands of steel.  How many other gimmicks are there that claim to make hands of steel?


“A man with big muscles cannot stand up to another man who has hands of steel!”  Wouldn’t a man with big muscles have a pretty strong grip too?  And if these techniques are so famous, why are they advertising in a comic book?  Wouldn’t everyone already know about it?


Truth be told, as any young male (or any aged guy, for that matter) could tell you, their technique – a 10 minute workout each day for your hands – is already a time honored, well practiced technique.  Which makes you wonder what, exactly, you get for spending $2.50… a copy of Playboy?