From Supergirl #9 comes a memorable ad featuring some of the world’s greatest heroes shilling their wares.  For 1970s junk, this stuff was ridiculously expensive.  Honestly, $10 for inflatable arms?  And what are they inflated with to make that kid look high as a kite?  Seriously, that image just freaks me out.


Okay, so Spidey and Batman have utility belts.  I can even see Wonder Woman having to use a utility belt once in a while.  But the Hulk?  Guess he needs something to hold his torn purple trousers up – and they are one size fits all.  You’ve got to pity the Hulk, folks know he’s a moron so they made sure to put his name in BIG letters on his belt so he won’t lose it.  Not only that, but it also comes with a freaking HULK badge as well!  Awesome!  I’m ordering 2!


And underoos?  Somehow I can’t picture Batman endorsing clothing that would bear his image if he knew that said clothing would sometimes be adorned by pee and other bodily smears.  It’s kind of funny that the company is endorsing folks to show off their underwear.  By 1970s standards that constitutes endorsing public indecency.  Guess once in jail you wouldn’t be able to ask for your money back.  Hmm, that’s not a bad selling campaign after all…