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From Amazing Spider-Man #22 (the original 1960s series, not one of the near infinite number of reboots that seem to plague the comics industry) comes the ad that could very well change your life!  Hypnotism, a task still used today by, well, I can’t think of anyone specifically.  I do remember seeing it being used on people who had gaps in time, and while under hypnosis they discover they were abducted by flying saucers and little grey men and gang probed.  Of course, seeing the image of the guy with outstretched hands over the prone body of a young women, I can see why some folks may think they were gang probed.  Honestly, why do you think they put an ad for hypnotism inside a comic book?  So the mostly male readership could cure bad habits like smoking?


I like it how the ad says you could be the centre of attention at parties AND work!  I don’t know about you, but I haven’t been to too many hypnosis sit ins at work, have you?  Or maybe it’s to tell you that you could just take over the workplace.  Won’t give me a raise eh?  I’ll show them!  I’ll hypnotize everyone, get that raise, and then make them all bark like dogs!!!  Revenge!!!


I wonder who the bald guy pointing at me is, Palmer or Jones?  Funny that he seems to be looking at me so intensely.  I also can’t help noticing the insidious circles in the coupon as well.  I wonder if Palmer-Jones tried to hypnotize the readers as well… I don’t know… I am getting kind of sleepy… must mail $1.98 to Newark… must mail $1.98 to Newark…