ba2crop2.jpgFrom Batman Adventures #2 in the early 1990s comes (I kid you not) your very own PERSONAL JET-PACK!!!  Just think, for $20 you get the full blueprints and manual and… well… that’s it.  You had to build the thing yourself.  And if you didn’t have all the parts necessary, well, that’s your own tough luck.


Seriously, you would think if someone could design a cheap, working jet pack, that they wouldn’t have a company ready to buy it?  Would they EVER have to advertise in a comic book (a very small ad too)?  Of course the state of the art 1990s graphic doesn’t really help either.  Makes me wonder if these guys are the same ones who said you could build a hovercraft with a vacuum cleaner which we’d covered earlier (see below).  It’s scary to think that they would still have been in business after 20 years or so.  Ah well, no one ever lost money betting on people’s gullibility…


And check out what is above the jetpack.  Yes, you can have revenge on those guys who sold you those useless jetpack plans by leaving them FAKE PARKING TICKETS on their car!  Watch out jetpack man, your days are numbered!!!