From Skywald’s Jungle Adventures #3 is the second hairy ad I’ve posted for the website!  Well now, here’s something that anyone suffering from baldness can rejoice in!  Baldness is actually caused by scalp infections, not genetics!  Just spread some of the Ward Wonder-goop on your chrome dome and poof, your hair is alive and kicking!  What a revolutionary product!!!


Except for the giant disclaimer at the bottom stating that the “great majority” of baldness is caused by male pattern baldness (i.e. GENETICS) and that the Wonder-goop can’t cure that.  D’oh!  Makes you wonder how they managed to round up 550,000 men and women to test their product on.


My guess is, and this is just a guess, but this company didn’t see much of a rise in sales with this advertisement.  I mean sure, there are plenty of desperate suckers out there, but they weren’t all reading Jungle Adventures – were they?