Saturday Morning Strangeness!



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From DC Comics Presents #77 comes an ad that brings out the child in all of us.Well, if you were a child in the early to mid-1980s that is.This was back in the day when Saturday mornings actually meant cartoons, and tons of them!And most of them were, letís face it, pretty awful.But hey, we were kids and we didnít care.Who can forget the Snorks, or Smurfs, or Alvin and the Chipmunks?Danged if I can recall Going Bananas though.I canít picture a show lasting when itís selling point is that they have a real, live orangutan.


You know, this ad also bugged me for a while.Sure, thereís the psychotic looking peacock, and the fact the Pink Panther actually has sons (yet not a wife to be seen or mentioned of Ė very strange), and thatís one creepy looking kid too (who seems to have a really unhealthy fascination with Smurfette and David Hasselhoff apparently).I finally got what bugged me, and if you look really hard, youíll notice it too.Just keep an eye on the creepy kid in Spider-Manís panel.Spot it yet?




Yeah, Firestar is missing, but thatís not it.No, if youíll look closely, youíll notice that Spidey seems to have an unhealthy shine for this creepy kid.And by the look on the kidís face, he knows something just ainít rightÖ




Sigh, they couldnít just, you know, move the kid behind Spider-Man or Ice Man or just about anywhere else on the panel?Thatís the best they could come up with?