ac443 002 spiroadFrom Action Comics #443 is that marvel of the modern world, the Spirograph!  Does anyone out there remember this thing?  You stick a pen in a plastic circle and spin it around, making spiral patterns.  Doesn’t that just scream fun to you?


This (poorly drawn, seriously, it’s just as bad as anything I could do) ad follows an archeologist’s search for a pharoh’s tomb, and he discovers that even the ancient Egyptians used this insidious contraption!  Which makes no sense.  How the heck does an ancient mummy find the plastic spirograph rings and pen in the first place?  And how the heck does a mummy even see what he’s doing in a dark tomb for 4000 years?  For all he knows, his pen ran out of ink 3 days after he kicked the bucket!


And you’d think a member of the National Spirographic Society would notice that the designs throughout the tomb are SPIROGRAPH patterns!  Where the heck did this guy get his training from?  A comic book?


Also, notice how the main character becomes instantly hooked on the spirograph?  It only takes one hit and you’re stuck for life!  It’s worse than any other drug you could mention!


Remember kids, just say no to spirograph…