From Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane #123 comes the item no member of Homeland Security should be without!  Yes, Spy-All is a voyeur’s dream, and the best part is that your targets don’t know they’re being spied on!  Awesome!  You know what this is, right?  Just a good old pin-hole sized camera, something pretty common nowadays.  Or at least that’s what I thought until I read that it could penetrate a 3-inch wall.  I guess you could drill a hole for the wire or something?  Is THAt how it “sees through walls”?  Still, the fact you could buy 3 of them for $7 isn’t bad – although given it’s being advertised in a 50 cent comic book you’d have to question how many people who read the ad could affort to part with that kind of cash.  I wonder if D.A. is still in business?


Still, it could be worse.  They could just be selling the plans to build your own Spy-All…