From Supergirl #6 (the original 1970s series) comes the ad that could very well save Supermanís life!Or kill him.See, honestly, what kind of screening process did people go through to have Kryptonite chunks sent to them.They sent a total of $3.50.Thatís it.Iím no genius, but wouldnít any armed thug be able to afford $3.50 for a stone that could kill Superman?


And what the heck is the $1 for a color brochure all about?Can you get different colored kryptonite?Maybe they have different shaped rocks?Maybe thereís a rock that looks like Elvis that they charge $29.95 for.


Notice that these puppies glow in the dark, and after reading the Generic Comic Book entry this month in the Latest News section, you should know why thatís an interesting fact.