From an issue lost to the annals of time, comes a time capsule from the world of professional wrestling circa the 1950s. Back then everyone treated pro wrestling as a legitimate sport and wrestlers had to remain in character almost 24/7. It’s obviously a Canadian ad from a Canadian edition comic – someday I’ll find its source in my rummaging. It’s not a particular funny ad I know, but it is an interesting novelty. And it’s kind of neat to learn that ‘Whipper” Billy Watson earned $50K a year based on his in ring talent – and his lucrative side job of building bars and kitchen units built on his ring career.


So, it’s 1950s America and the wife wants the kitchen remodeled, what do you buy? Do you get the model everyone else is getting, or the model the pro-wrestler promises to custom build for you? Kitchen cabinets – there’s a huge untapped market just waiting for the WWE to take.