Article #28


Krazy Kissin’ Super-Kousins?


First up, by way of introduction, I present the cover to Superman’s Girlfriend #97 below.  See if you can figure out, based on the cover and my rather obvious article title, what character will figure most promently in today’s topic…




Ah yes, most gripping drama indeed!  I can truly sympathize with Superman’s predicament.  I mean, if you had a choice between a mermaid, a super powered girl with a green cape, or one with a see-through skirt, or Lois Lane in a very short one-piece, who would you pick?  Truly a debate for the ages… or for the next time you and your buddies are totally hammered.  It ranks right up there with the Ginger or Mary-Anne, or Wilma or Betty questions – questions that just don’t have clear cut answers... <cough> Betty <cough>… sorry, something caught in my throat there.  Ahem.  Let’s move on.


Among Superman fans, and a great many other comic book fans, one aspect well known is the occasionally… odd way in which Superman’s relationship comes across with his cousin Supergirl.  Okay, forget occasionally, they’re all over the place.  There are moments when the reader just has to wonder what, exactly, was going through the writer’s mind.  Case in point are the following few panels from Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane #97…


ll97 001crop1.jpg


If you guessed the girl in the green cape, give yourself a pat on the back!  My goodness, Supes has to beat them back with a stick he’s so popular!  Regarding the story in this issue, the 3 gals pictured on the cover come back one-by-one to tempt Superman away from Lois.  Is it all a fiendish plot?  Or has Superman been affected by some strange space effect?  Honestly, I can’t remember, but let’s see how Superman’s encounter with Luma plays out… and what this has to do with the article title…


ll97 001crop2.jpg


So, figured it out yet?  Because I can’t make it any plainer than what Superman and Supergirl have made it.  Honestly, think about it for a second, why does Supergirl have to find a DOUBLE OF HERSELF?  Wouldn’t any Supergirl do?  And then there’s the payoff…


ll97 001crop3.jpg


Uhm, yeah.  Okay then.  You know, it’s too bad Supes didn’t settle down in Shelbyville – after all, it’s alright to marry your cousin there if you wanted to.  I believe that’s what caused the great Springfield-Shelbyville feud (yes, this is another Simpson’s reference).  Plus, then the Man of Steel wouldn’t have gone through the following problem…


ll97 001crop4.jpg


ll97 001crop5.jpg


Bummer.  It’s funny how Supergirl – I mean Luma was ready to leave Staryl, the planet she was protecting, at the drop of a hat.  Yet when Superman offers to stay, she just shoos him away.  Does that make any sense to you?  Come to think of it, I don’t know how Superman is able to do so well with a red sun so close to him in the background.


One curious aspect is the costume for Luma Lynai.  It’s almost like an opposite color scheme to Supergirl’s, which makes me think that maybe Luma is like a backwards, or reverse version, or Bizarro of Supergirl.  Of course, then her name, when said backwards, should have some significance to Supergirl.  Luma Lynai would be equal to, phonetically, I-Anyl, Am U? -L  Dang, I wonder who L is?


Yes, truly pointless, yet freaky stuff.  Still, not as bad as when you deal with Supergirl and Comet the Superhorse… or the first Back to the Future movie where Marty’s mom had the hots for him… ewww


Until next time