Article #7


While reading a recently purchased Batman: From the 30s to the 70s book from eBay, I was struck by something.In reading the few Superman-Batman team-up stories, it became interesting to note that Supermanís main role in many cases was that of the clean-up crew.Not only in team-ups, even in his own stories Supermanís main role is that of a one-man custodial engineer.Clearing out lava floes, icebergs, spilt radioisotopes, robotic refuse, crashed spaceships, and fallen giant Daily Planet globes and so on.And he always has to plug that hole in the Batcave every time he visits.Heck, he even has the criminal element pitching in as they continuously gather that horrid kryptonite thatís littering the landscape.In particular, a story entitled ďBat-Mite meets Mr. MxyzptlkĒ from the Batman: 30s to 70s book, Superman shows his true cleaning prowess.He clears out some giant plants that look like animals, clears out a giant, alien, uhm, thing (itís all dark and hairy with a giant eye and octopus arms that shoot flame, and, well, drug use was popular in the 60s right?).Seriously, if you ever get this book, donít look at the monster.It still haunts my nightmares.Superman uses a super head-butt (ala Mr. Zidane) then hurls the monster into space.


And then there are the below panelsÖ



Yes, thatís Superman using his hair as a mop!A MOP!!!The one question this story did not answer, how the heck did he get that syrup out of his hair?Wouldnít it raise Lois Laneís suspicions about his dual identity if Clark Kent showed up smelling of the House of Pancakes?And how, I ask you HOW, does one head of hair, no matter how super, soak up enough syrup to cover an entire street?


My head hurts just thinking about it.




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