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Supergirl Becomes Superwoman!

(OrÖ really Iíve got nothing to add to this)


To my one fan out there, sorry about the delay between updates.And yes, thatís the exact same intro I used with the last update to the site.Iím just that creative.


So, as I understand it in the current Supergirl series thereís been an ongoing story dealing with a new Superwoman, and the mystery of her secret identity.Just who is this new Superwoman?I have absolutely no idea.What I thought, however, is wouldnít it be fun to show a time in the original Supergirlís life when she gained the title of Superwoman?And hey, wouldnít it be wild (not to mention thoroughly confusing) if the new Superwoman was Supergirl from an alternate future?Sort of like old Spock is to the new Spock in the latest Star Trek movie.


In my tattered copy of Action Comics #334 Supergirl has an opportunity to join the Legion of Superheroes (hey, wasnít the new Supergirl with the Legion for a while too?).One of her tasks is to solve a planetís traffic problem, to which Supergirl solves it in her typically efficient manner, only to be rejected!


ac334 002 growup1.jpg


And there you have it, through some mystical twist of fate Supergirl is now Superwoman!What a twist!What could be the cause of this metamorphosis?Well, being a Superman related story, I think you can figure it outÖ


And as an aside, the girl wearing red standing next to Superwoman is Saturn Girl.Saturn Girl can read minds and is otherwise a very normal looking blonde girl.She is NOT a vampire or ghost, NOR can she turn invisible.Todayís riddle, dear reader, is WHERE IS SATURN GIRLíS REFLECTION IN THE MIRROR?




Shocking!And how does the Woman of Steel take this bizarre turn of events?What are her priorities?




Iíd be pissed off at having just lost 10 years of my life in an instant, but not having to go around naked is a pretty good concern too.Of course the real question is, how does Superwoman solve this problem of hers?No, scratch that, the real question is WHAT THE HECK IS SATURN GIRL LOOKING AT?Seriously, itís like one eye is looking at Superwoman, the other is looking at the moon for all we know!What is she, part iguana?


ac334 001cropy.jpg


She solves her problem by doing absolutely nothing.Let that be a life lesson to you all, oftentimes if things are going like crap, just ignore the problems and theyíll just go away.Thatís what Iím doing with my creditors and itís worked wonders (although it also helps to not have a telephone).


Things Iíve learned reading this little story:

1)   Supergirlís costume is actually comprised of a baggy pair of shorts and not a skirt.This explains the way itís drawn throughout the story and why when she grew up the hemline didnít move WAY up (why am I getting flashbacks to the old Sailor Moon cartoon?).

2)   When Supergirl becomes Superwoman sheíll be EXACTLY the same.Okay, maybe sheíll be a little taller, but honestly put an image of Supergirl next to Superwoman and I canít tell a difference.Call me a male pig if you want, but it looks like even her boobs stay the same size when she becomes Superwoman.Itís weird.

3)   What the hell is that thing flying past Superwoman in the second panel above?I know itís Earth, I read the story, but I canít recall any animal on our planet looking like that!


Well, thatís it for the main entry.Scroll on down as we continue withÖ



Image within the Image Moment Presents:


The Nonconventional Perils of Being a Superhero Part 3


Yes, image within the image is back with a new ongoing subseries detailing some of the problems superheroes can have.This first case in point points out a hereto unknown risk when having a double identity.Taken from Limited Collectorís Edition #43, it gives a glimpse of the problems many female superheroes have when faced with capture by hedonistic Nazis, and so we enter the story (I apologize for the cropping, itís hard to scan the treasury sized books on a conventional scanner)Ö


lc43 002crop.jpg


Oddly enough things get weirder as the story progresses.MíkayÖ


lc43 001crop.jpg


I used to wonder why Wonder Woman was so popular in the 1940s, now I know.Why is it I doubt Superman would ever end up in these kinds of situations?Until next time.