Article #32


Just in time for Halloween, THE WORST DISGUISE IN HISTORY!

(Or, Superman’s Secret Power – YOU WON’T BELIEVE YOUR EYES!!!!!)


Just in time for the second scariest night of the year (the scariest being Christmas – I swear those elves are out to get me!) comes an excerpt from the Superman comic strip dailies!  Once you see this short little strip, you will gain a newfound appreciation for the Man of Steel, as well as discover a hereto unknown power that Superman possessed!  My words cannot do justice to this awesome bit of insight, so we present to you a Prince and Pauper interlude (remember that fairy tale?) in the Man of Tomorrow’s life!





Incredible!  Superman could actually twist and change the features of his face to look like anyone else in the world – PROVIDED they look exactly like his alter ego Clark Kent!!!  Just think, Superman could be anywhere, keeping an eye on you and your movements!  That guy on the subway platform with a suit and tie, glasses, spit curl and square jaw could be the Man of Steel!  Or the butcher who also wears a suit and tie, glasses, spit curl when he serves you.  Or that lady pushing the baby carriage with the square jaw, suit and tie and spit curl!  Heck, maybe it’s that suspicious baby with the front curl and glasses!  Egads, Superman is everywhere!!!


Okay, now I’m feeling paranoid.  I’m going to curl up under the covers in my lead lined room now.  Until next time…


(PS: In all seriousness, this was just an example of how Siegel and Shuster liked to evoke the pulp mythology in Superman.  Doc Savage was the Man of Bronze, Superman was the Man of Steel.  Another pulp character the Avenger was an Albino with the uncanny ability to mold his face into any other face he wanted, sort of like having a face made of plasticine.  One drawback was that when the Avenger was punched, well, you could image what pounding plasticine does.)


Image within the Image Moment


Yes, Halloween is fast approaching, and keeping with the theme we present an example of what not to wear from Archie #45 (unless you want to completely flipyou’re your parents, then go nuts)…


arch45 001.jpg


You know, there’s a moral to this story.  It’s kind of a funny commentary on our society that girls can be permitted to wear men’s clothing, many folks even consider it sexy – and yet a man wearing women’s clothes is just disturbing or a tool of comedy.  Go figure, but it’s true.  Then again, maybe times were different when this issue was published, as Grandpa Simpson once stated in Season 4 of the Simpsons “I did wear dresses for a period in the (19)40s.  Oh, they had designers then!”




Happy Halloween!