Article #29


Superman Gives Mom Her Due!

(Or, the Motherís Day Entry)


Well, itís May and Motherís Day is upon us.A wonderful time for sons and daughters throughout the land to show their moms just how much they appreciate all that theyíve done.We all have at least one fond memory of our mom, and hopefully, that memory doesnít involve Superman.What the heck am I talking about?Well, read on and find out as I present a few choice Superman newspaper comic strips from the early 1940s, and reprinted in recent hardcover editions (and I apologize in advance for the curly scans)Ö




Ah yes, nothing says Motherís Day like neglecting a child.But hey, itís the 40s, things like strollers probably werenít invented yet Ė and if they were, they probably cost too much for this poor, arms full of shopping, lady.Of course, her husbandís nowhere to be seen either.Iím feeling sorry for the kid already.




Okay, first she leaves her baby alone, next she loses her hat.Whatís next?




Oh yeah, I forgot about her losing the apartment.








This whole segment reminds me of the annual baby toss back home.Oh, the fun we had!




Most gripping drama indeed!I guess that 1940 was a different time.Nowadays the cop would be slapping handcuffs on mom for child neglect.As for the baby, he looks completely stunned out of his mind in the last panel.I can predict a future for this boy filled with abandonment issues, trouble flying or working and living in high places, fear of loud noises and mixed issues dealing with Superman (he caught me, but he dropped me, but he caught meÖ).I think weíve just uncovered the secret origin for Supermanís future arch nemesis, Maladjusted Man!


A traumatic experience followed by a lifetime of psychiatry Ė isnít that what Motherís Day is all about?