Article #14




Kryptonite right?That stuff is murder to the Man of Steel.We all know Earthly radiation can harm human beings, so why canít Kryptonian radiation harm Superman?Thatís something we all can relate to, but it is not Supermanís true weakness.


How about magic?Yes, Superman is susceptible to magic.Iíve just found it hard to accept that the Blackthorne or Mandrake or Doug Henning could kill off Superman.No, not magic.


Then what else could it be?Well, here it is, fresh from Worldís Finest Comics #236, revealed by the Man of Steel himself (along with an example of Batman using some razor sharp reasoning)Ö




Yes, the Man of Steel CANíT BE PULVERIZED!Thatís his one weakness, straight from his mouth!Poor guy, but hey, we all have to work with whatís given to us.Iím not sure how you could use this as an advantage, even Luthor, super genius he is, would have some difficulty with that one.


Obviously frustrated by this monumental revelation, Superman then takes out his frustrations on the Atom, promptly sending the Mighty Mite to the next worldÖ




And there you have it.Poor AtomÖ well, at least he felt no pain.Peace be with you Mighty Mite, and a pox on the foul Superman who so cruelly took you from this world!


Oh, wait, heís okayÖ





Huh?You know, I read, re-read and re-re-read all the above panels in a vain attempt to understand what exactly happened, and I still donít know.I donít know why the Atom even had to be pulverized, why Supes thinks NOT being pulverized is a weakness, why skin peaks are protective, why claps generate electric force fields or anything for that matter.And why would a regular MD even suggest this as a treatment (you are infected, so weíll shrink down and pulverize the Atom, then while heís good and mashed, inject him into your bloodstream, where Superman will recombine him, allowing the Atom to directly deliver the toxin to the alien germs).Granted, couldnít they have just injected a shrunken Atom directly into the patientís bloodstream without the mashing?


And the absolute kicker?In the exact same story, Superman later shrinks down using his Kandor shrink ray and meets up with the Atom inside the patient.So, WHY DIDNíT THEY JUST DO THAT IN THE FIRST PLACE?


This is really giving me a headache.Think Iíll take two Atoms and call you guys next month.


Hope theyíre chewableÖ