From World’s Finest Comics #236, an issue we recently covered, comes one of the most useless things anyone could buy.


What are Click-Clacks, you may ask?  Pretty much what you would guess they are.  Those annoying toys kids win at some Carnival games where two plastic balls constantly hit each other as you flick your wrist.  Personally, I always thought they made better weapons than toys, and it looks like PEP Enterprises thought so too.  True, the original clackers were pretty dangerous.  Here’s a Wikepedia link to tell you more:  Clackers - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Here the 2 plastic balls only seem to collide, instead making a high pitched whistling noise that, I’m guessing, only dogs could hear.  So instead of physically injuring your child, you would only cause permanent hearing loss.  That’s safety.


So the kicker?  You had to shill out $2 for this toy (about $7 today).   This for a plastic toy that any kid would toss aside in 5 minutes.  These things were never fun.


Still, the name sure gets you – TRICKY WILLIE!  Why on earth would you call it that?



Sally:  “What are you doing Bobby?”


Tommy:  “I’m playing with my Tricky Willie, Sally.  Want to try?”


Anyone wonder why it never caught on?