Article #26


One Wacky Dance


February is synonymous with Valentine’s Day, so I thought something cutesy was in order.  In terms of cartoon characters, Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck are among the most famous in the world – and everyone knows that Mickey’s girl is Minnie and Donald’s girl is Daisy.  Visually, something like that below is what people expect…




Aw, aren’t they really cute couples.  So imagine, if you will, picking up a copy of Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories #676 and seeing the following…




I don’t know about you, but this was enough to shatter my perceptions of reality.  Donald’s response was perfectly in tune with the reader’s.  Watching his gal saunter away in the arms of another man, er, mouse could drive anyone loony and cause people to do strange things – like start a website called Comicbooktidbits.  Yet we must wonder (by we, I mean the 2 people who visit the site), what would Donald’s response be?




Wow, okay.  When did I stop reading a Disney comic and start watching “Melrose Place”?  Now then, if you think things are strange now, wait a bit…




Now obviously Goofy’s been drugged, just look at the tell-tale glassy, hypnotic eyes and tiny stars twinkling above his forehead.  A classic case of substance abuse.  It also explains why he always acts so, well, goofy.  But wait, things get stranger still for our tragic hero Donald...




You know, I could try and come up with something witty here, but the above panel really speaks for itself.  All I can say is, man, that must have been some party!


In this particular issue of WDCS, Mickey also got some unexpected help from a princess while trying to impersonate his double, Yekcim Mouse.  What do you suppose Minnie would think if she saw the following panel?




Who says Disney characters don’t know how to party!


Until next time