So, here’s something you don’t see for sale nowadays.  Shows you how times change.  Today we have Kate Moss and Paris Hilton who are considered THE ideal.  Back in the 60s, they’d be teased for being skinny twigs.  They’d be laughed out of Hollywood, or so Quinn O’Hara tells us.  Yes, absolutely amazing.


The fact is a “WATE” gain substance is actually sold through drug stores, and was given to “convalescents” (SICK PEOPLE!) is incredible.  So, what do we learn?  By 1960s standard of health, today’s megastars are very, very SICK PEOPLE!!!


Who knew?


And a final point to ponder.  This was fished out of Tales to Astonish #84, ostensibly a BOYS comic book.  So, what do boys want with a weight gain substance, especially when the target audience for the ad is women.  Eye candy?  Or a colossal ad screw-up?  Maybe Romance #79 has an ad for the new Daisy Sure-shot rifle by mistake?